In my suitcase

 I thought it would be fun to show you little bits of what my bag contained on the way back from California.

//Lip balm from EOS. You can buy these in Denmark too but they're more than triple the price (I kid you not!) so I like to stock up whenever I get the chance.

//One Line A Day. A five year memory book. I'm horrible a keeping a diary (apart from this little space) but I figure I can manage one line a day. So far so good.

//Running shoes from Asics. Same story as with EOS; they're cheaper.

//Chocolate chips. Because chocolate chip cookies taste the best when using Nestle.

//Marshmallow Fluff. So bad but soooo good!

//Mexican hot chocolate. Because once you've tried it you never go back.

//Tea from David's Tea. My current favorites are Read my Lips, Oh Canada, Jessie's Tea and Chocolate Orange.

Other things that I stock up on when in the US are products from Burts Bee and Yes to Carrots. In particular the Orange Essence Facial Cleanser and the Yes to Cucumbers Daily Calming Moisturizer
Solid shampoo from Lush and various magazines.

Do you have any favorites that you always bring home when you're traveling?


  1. i usually bring home food - anything NOT italian! :)
    from the US, yarn and fabric, because the choice is just better over there (where do you buy your yarn in Europe? online?)