Hooray for Monday

//Enjoying the everyday with my amazing roommate. I'll move out of this room March 1 and into Huset ( a house close to the hospital).* It'll shorten my commute by 90 minutes but I'll miss being here. Hopefully I can move back to Copenhagen in April and May. Anyone out the who's looking for a roommate in Copenhagen for those two months?

//Spending time with my class mates/fellow interns at Huset.

//Train rides with music in my ears and knitting in my hands.

*Confusing I know. I really should write a post explaining all this moving that I do.

Knitting for Wool Aid

Since November I've been knitting like a maniac for Wool Aid.* I had so many odd balls of yarn laying around and I figured the best way to use them was to just knit away at little projects; mostly hats because once I started I just couldn't stop again. The fact that the knitted goods will keep little ones warm in the cold climates was an added bonus.

//Hat from Malte's Winter Kit. I added a pompom.
//Capucine bonnet

//Earflap hats my own improvised pattern.

*Wool-Aid is a community of knitters and crocheters who create warm woolen garments for children who live in the coldest climates and have the least access to resources. 

In my suitcase

 I thought it would be fun to show you little bits of what my bag contained on the way back from California.

//Lip balm from EOS. You can buy these in Denmark too but they're more than triple the price (I kid you not!) so I like to stock up whenever I get the chance.

//One Line A Day. A five year memory book. I'm horrible a keeping a diary (apart from this little space) but I figure I can manage one line a day. So far so good.

//Running shoes from Asics. Same story as with EOS; they're cheaper.

//Chocolate chips. Because chocolate chip cookies taste the best when using Nestle.

//Marshmallow Fluff. So bad but soooo good!

//Mexican hot chocolate. Because once you've tried it you never go back.

//Tea from David's Tea. My current favorites are Read my Lips, Oh Canada, Jessie's Tea and Chocolate Orange.

Other things that I stock up on when in the US are products from Burts Bee and Yes to Carrots. In particular the Orange Essence Facial Cleanser and the Yes to Cucumbers Daily Calming Moisturizer
Solid shampoo from Lush and various magazines.

Do you have any favorites that you always bring home when you're traveling?

Sunny skies

 Every day in San Francisco was gloriously sunny. It was a good thing because, besides the obvious lovelyness of sunshine and ’no-jacket-weather’ in January, I hadn’t brought any clothes appropriate for rainy days.
The rain returned on the day I left. Perfect timing.

Hooray for Monday

 Double exposures from San Francisco/Denmark.

To celebrate the beginning of a brand new week, here's what I'm looking forward to in the coming days.

//Knitting while watching Borgen.

//A free piano concert. 

//Quiet mornings and lighter days.

Wishing you a happy week!

12 on a Sunday

 Christianshavn on a grey day.

My Italian 'brother', Guido, is waiting for his son to be born next month. I'm knitting this cardigan for little Alesandro.

Leisurely talks with a friend on a cafe close to Strøget.


Obsessed with knitting these hats.


Tea, grapefruit and knœkbrød with cheese.

I love this picture of my mormor, it looks like her. She's usually impossible to photograph because she never really relaxes in front of the camera, but this time 'I got her!'. 

House facades.

I was in California when they had lessons in giving injections at the hospital. Luckily my roommate is a midwife and she used her morning teaching one of my fellow students and I how to do it; first on a grapefruit, then on her thighs. She's a brave lady!

Golden afternoon light.

Chasing the light

I've noticed a reoccurring theme in my pictures from San Francisco; they are all chasing the light in someway or other. I think I subconsciously searched out those rays of sun since Denmark in winter is so dark.


As I was sitting in the airport looking through these pictures I felt that oh so well-known feeling of despair and being torn. San Francisco Airport is a place that I love and hate all the same. Love when I arrive, and hate when I leave. My stomach has experienced all kinds of different butterflies there. This time though, I fell more torn than I have before because even though I wanted to stay, I still had something to get back to in Denmark.