Copenhagen adventures

Spring has finally arrived here. Last weekend my sister and biked around Copenhagen with sun in our hair. The nice weather made everyone spill out onto the street for walking, drinking coffee in the sunshine and shopping. Most definitely a perfect recipe for huge goofy smiles.

Also, look who's got a new phone.

Hooray for Monday

 Glimpses from this weekend.

To celebrate the beginning of a brand new week, here's what I'm looking forward to in the coming days.

//Making this cake. Again.

//Coffee with a friend from my school.

//Knitting and tea. Always knitting and tea.

What are your plans this week?

12 on a Wednesday. CA Edition.

1: Street art close to Valencia St. in San Francisco.

2-5: Sights from Disneyland.

6: On San Francisco Muni.

7: This place had the most amazing view.

8: Churro Stand on Santa Monica Pier.

9: Somewhere between San Francisco and L.A.

10: I celebrated my birthday in San Jose. Rune and Matt surprised me with my very own birthday cake. It's supposed to say 'T'løk mœ daan, Ida' which means 'Tillykke med fødselsdagen, Ida' ('Happy Birthday, Ida') in western jutlandic dialect. But the bakery obviously had a hard time spelling it :-)

 11: Tacos.

12: A house with a red dot.

Hooray for Monday

To celebrate the beginning of a brand new week, here's what I'm looking forward to in the coming days.

//My sister will be visiting this weekend. We'll explore Copenhagen together. I'm excited about that!

//This Wednesday at noon because by then I'll just have finished my exam. Hopefully I'll pass. Not a fan of exams. At all.

//Dreaming of Ocean Beach (pictures above) and keeping my fingers crossed that maybe I'll be able to visit San Francisco again this Summer. Maybe.

Wishing you a relaxing week.

Rune and Matt

This is my friend Rune and his amazing boyfriend Matt. 
I met Rune at boarding school where we spent almost all weekends doing acrobatics in the gymnasium, watching movies in the common area at night and talking for hours. We still talk for hours.  I moved to Scotland, then he moved to Sweden, then I moved to California, then he moved to California. We both lived in the Bay Area for a year - at the same time.  We've known each other for 12 years which makes him my oldest friend. We're horrible at keeping in contact but every time we meet it's always the same, like we just saw each other yesterday. I love that. He's the best.
Rune and Matt met in LA a couple of years ago. They're awesome together. And they most definitely should have the same rights as heterosexual couples. I'm following the Prop. 8 case with fingers crossed and with high hopes. 
These pictures are from my trip to CA in January-February this year. We went to LA and on our way from the airport we made a pitstop at Titos Tacos (which instantly turned into Titties Tacos, of course).

Carla's Candy Cardigan

Yet another small knit. For Miss C. It took forever to figure out how to knit the yoke, but it was a breeze to knit once I got it. My gauge was way off but luckily my attempt at winging it worked out perfectly. I love it when that happens.
Pattern: Candy Cardigan by Pickles.

Hooray for Monday

Beautiful Copenhagen.

To celebrate the beginning of a brand new week, here's what I'm looking forward to in the coming days.

//A concert on Saturday with my friend, Nina. I don't know the artist so I'll be spending the evenings this week on youtube getting acquainted with her music.

//Browsing ravelry for knitting patterns suitable for a little babygirl. It's a little sister.

//Sleeping in on Friday.

What are you planning to do this week?

Sister Photobombing

 Nanna, I like it when people say we look alike, I don't agree, but who wouldn't want to look like you?

12 on a Friday

1+2: Raw Cheesecake made of cashew nuts, dates, almonds and blueberries. SO yummy! Recipe found here.

3: My parents.

4: I knit another pair.

5: Wrapping and triangles.

6: Easter eggs.

7: Homemade chai tea latte.

8+9: Vesterhavet on a sunny day.

10: My sister taking a nap.

11: Games of Scrabble.

 12: "Sweet Dreams'