Italy. No. 2.

When wandering the streets of the little village we stayed in, we couldn't help but talk about how the streets looked like something from a movie set. It almost looked too picturesque.

Italy. No 1.

Italy was sun, cobblestoned streets, the first ocean swim of the year, lasagna, bare legs, the cutest little baby boy, dancing, conversations in Italian and Danish, coffee (cappucino for me), pizza, laughter, dogs, crazy drivers, baptism, sandals and late evenings.

12 on a Friday

1: Staying up too late. I'm terrible at going to bed at a decent hour.
2: Bikes in Copenhagen.

3: Knitting for a babygirl.

4: Copenhagen houses.
5: Greens and a sign in Roskilde.

6: Looking down in Copenhagen. Loving the shades of the bicyclists.

7: Odense.
8: A bike ride to my parents place.

9: I love houses covered in ivy.

10: Cute flower entrance.
11: Rays of sun in Tivoli.

12: We found this 15 kilometres from Esbjerg. Such a gorgeous spot.

The whole family is leaving for Italy tomorrow. Wohooo!

Vacation time

I'm almost one week into my School Summer Holiday. It's such a welcome feeling knowing that for the next 8 weeks I don't have to study - and, more importantly, I don't have to feel guilty about not studying! I started my summer job yesterday. My family and I are flying down to Italy on Saturday, then I'm going back to work, the Washington D.C. and New York, then work, then Budapest, work and then school. As you can read; I've got so many things to look forward too.