12 on a Wednesday. CA Edition.

1: Street art close to Valencia St. in San Francisco.

2-5: Sights from Disneyland.

6: On San Francisco Muni.

7: This place had the most amazing view.

8: Churro Stand on Santa Monica Pier.

9: Somewhere between San Francisco and L.A.

10: I celebrated my birthday in San Jose. Rune and Matt surprised me with my very own birthday cake. It's supposed to say 'T'løk mœ daan, Ida' which means 'Tillykke med fødselsdagen, Ida' ('Happy Birthday, Ida') in western jutlandic dialect. But the bakery obviously had a hard time spelling it :-)

 11: Tacos.

12: A house with a red dot.


  1. Great memories form America,Ida :)

    and happy belated birthday!

    ps.house with a red dot rocks .D

  2. I guess I miss SF as much as you do... :)