Rune and Matt

This is my friend Rune and his amazing boyfriend Matt. 
I met Rune at boarding school where we spent almost all weekends doing acrobatics in the gymnasium, watching movies in the common area at night and talking for hours. We still talk for hours.  I moved to Scotland, then he moved to Sweden, then I moved to California, then he moved to California. We both lived in the Bay Area for a year - at the same time.  We've known each other for 12 years which makes him my oldest friend. We're horrible at keeping in contact but every time we meet it's always the same, like we just saw each other yesterday. I love that. He's the best.
Rune and Matt met in LA a couple of years ago. They're awesome together. And they most definitely should have the same rights as heterosexual couples. I'm following the Prop. 8 case with fingers crossed and with high hopes. 
These pictures are from my trip to CA in January-February this year. We went to LA and on our way from the airport we made a pitstop at Titos Tacos (which instantly turned into Titties Tacos, of course).


  1. ignorance is so powerful still.How people (still) bother bother with whom others sleep with,with who they love,it's so ackward to think that such a silly,childish prejudice still affects so many people.

  2. I didn't know you'd gone to boarding school, and then lived in Scotland! nice to have friends like that, with whom you can connect so well even when you don't keep in touch.

    1. Yes, that year at boarding school still counts as one of the best in my life so far. I loved it!