Spring vs. Fall

It seems about time to post these Spring pictures from one of many beautiful walks in Copenhagen. Especially on a crisp and cold Fall day like today. I actually had to wear gloves as I biked to school?!

Months old

Random film shots from Spring. Sailing from Sjœlland to Jylland, coffee, flowers, view of Copenhagen, my sister and a glimpse of my old apartment.


One day in May when I suddenly had 6 days off and nothing to do, I decided to take a mini-trip to Dublin. 2 nights and 1,5 days in the city. All by myself. It was great.

Knitting for a babygirl (and her big sister)

This Summer has been all about knitting in size xs - my favorite kind of knitting.
This lot was for Carla, who became a big sister a little over a week ago, and her little sister Vilma


Budapest was thermal pools, heat, walking, cake eating, bus rides, sauna, giant croissants, sister, gorgeous old houses, blisters, sunshine, cheap food and beautiful views. We loved it.

Knitting for a baby girl (and her brothers)

One of the families that I used to work for is expecting the arrival of a babygirl any day now. I of course had to knit something for her.  
The top is the Camilla Babe which I highly recommend. It looks complicated but is a super easy knit (only knit and purl stitches).
The hat is a typical Danish (and Scandinavian) baby hat. I found the pattern here: Sweet Baby Cap
And lastly; the crowns for the big brothers. Pattern found here: Circlet