Knitting for a baby girl (and her brothers)

One of the families that I used to work for is expecting the arrival of a babygirl any day now. I of course had to knit something for her.  
The top is the Camilla Babe which I highly recommend. It looks complicated but is a super easy knit (only knit and purl stitches).
The hat is a typical Danish (and Scandinavian) baby hat. I found the pattern here: Sweet Baby Cap
And lastly; the crowns for the big brothers. Pattern found here: Circlet


  1. ååååhhh hvor er det super fint!
    -nok den lækreste lille babytrøje set længe og seje kroner.

  2. such a sweet gift

  3. so lovely! wow. love the crowns!!!!

  4. Thanks so much everyone! I just got news that the family has received the package and that they loved it. Couldn't ask for more ;-)

  5. these are all so beautiful. I looked at your ravelry pages, and could I please request that you note the yarn type and yardage you use? it would be such a useful information for all of us who what to replicate your knitting! (like, ME!)

    1. I'm terrible at doing that, I know! Most of my knitting in small sizes are made with scrap yarn though and therefore I'm not always sure about either yarn or yardage. :)