One day in May when I suddenly had 6 days off and nothing to do, I decided to take a mini-trip to Dublin. 2 nights and 1,5 days in the city. All by myself. It was great.


  1. I've been ever so curious about visiting Ireland. These are great shots.

    1. Next time I visit I'd love to explore the countryside and the coastline. It should be gorgeous.

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  3. I like the place very much. The hot coffee, hill view, mountain view, bars everything is worth to visit. There are many places so you might get confuse sometime about where to visit. So take some time and then visit to Ireland. you will enjoy a lot

  4. The pictures are looking amazing. I like these kind of places which are thrilling and there is something different to see in them. Ireland is a very beautiful place. And this I experienced when I went there. I visited Ireland Last month with my friends and had lot of fun. There are many beautiful Country houses and resorts to stay in. I love that place. There are lot of facilities for the visitors. There are national parks which are of great interest. The stay in country house was awesome.