Christmas Cookie Weekend

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I went to Grenå to visit our mormor for our annual Christmas Cookie Baking weekend. We started early (hence the PJ-bottoms in the last photos) and were done after just a couple of hours. Finishing the cookie adventure by eating her famous 'frikadeller' for lunch.
I love that last picture. Self-timer when it's best!

Christmas Cookies

 Just a few shots from our annual Christmas baking day at my 'mormor's house. More to come once I get around to editing the rest of the bunch.

To the beach

In early Fall we took a walk through the woods to the beach. Since then the colors on the trees have changed so much already.


Washington DC on a bright and sunny day this Summer. Apart from the top two pictures, I took all of these while I walked aimlessly around, halfway lost, wholeheartedly loving it. 

Spring vs. Fall

It seems about time to post these Spring pictures from one of many beautiful walks in Copenhagen. Especially on a crisp and cold Fall day like today. I actually had to wear gloves as I biked to school?!

Months old

Random film shots from Spring. Sailing from Sjœlland to Jylland, coffee, flowers, view of Copenhagen, my sister and a glimpse of my old apartment.


One day in May when I suddenly had 6 days off and nothing to do, I decided to take a mini-trip to Dublin. 2 nights and 1,5 days in the city. All by myself. It was great.