Vest for Little Girls

A simple vest for little girls. The body is knitted in garter stitch while the ruffle is knitted in seed stitch.

3 months (6 months) 12 months (18 months) and 24 months.

181 – 543 yards/ 166 – 483 meters of Quince and Co in Chickadee.
Photographed in Lupine.

  16 stitches = 4”/10 cm in garter stitch with two strands of yarn held together.
  22 stitches  = 4”/10 cm in seed stitch with one strand of yarn

Size US 8  circular needles (or needle size to obtain correct gauge)
2 buttons
An extra needle for the three-needle bind off.

Finished dimensions/circumference at chest:
3 months: 15”/38 cm (6 months: 16”/41 cm) 12 months: 17”/43,5 cm (18 months: 18”/46 cm) 24 months: 19”/48,5 cm.

Stitch patterns:

Seed stitch knitted in the round:
*Knit 1, Purl 1* continue until piece measures appropriate length.
Note: In seed stitch you knit the purl stitches and purl the knit stitches as they appear.

Garter stitch knitted in the round:
Row 1: purl to marker.
Row 2; knit to marker
Repeat rows 1-2 for pattern.

Garter stitch knitted flat:
Knit every row.

Construction notes:
The ruffle is knitted with one strand of yarn, join second strand of yarn when switching to garter stitch pattern.

Button holes are made using the crochet loop button hole method. Tutorial found here:


CO 120 (132) 140 (148) 156 stitches and join in the round.
Knit 4 (4) 4,5 (4,5) 5 cm/ 1,5 (1,5) 1,7 (1,7) 2” in seed stitch pattern.
Next round: *purl 2tog” continue until end of round.
60 (66) 70 (74) 78 st remains on needles.

Next round: knit garter stitch pattern in the round until piece measures  5,5 (6,5) 7,5 (8) 8,5 cm/2,2 (2,5) 3 (3,1) 3,3” from the beginning of garter st pattern.

Divide for armholes.
Next round: bind off 3 stitches, knit 27 (30) 32 (34) 36 st, leave stitches on scrap yarn (this is the front of the vest), bind off 3 st, knit 27 (30) 32 (34) 36 st til end of round (this is the back of the vest).
Knit flat garter stitch pattern for 2,5 (2,5) 3 (3,5) 3,5 cm/ 1 (1) 1,2 (1,3) 1,3” making sure to slip the first stitch at the beginning of each row.

Divide back:
Next RS row: knit 12 (12) 14 (15) 16 st, bind off 3 (4) 4 (4) 4 st,
knit 12 (12) 14 (15) 16 st.
Place 12 (12) 14 (15) 16 st on scrap yarn.
You have now divided back into to Back No. 1 (still on needle) and Back No. 2. (on scrap yarn)
Back No 1.: continue in garter st until piece measures 10 (11) 12 (12) 13 cm/  4 (4,3) 4,7 (4,7) 5” from beginning of armhole. End with a WS row. Remember to slip the first stitch at the beginning of each row.

Next RS row: Bind off st until 5 (5) 6 (6) 7 st remain, knit 5 (5) 6 (6) 7 stiches and slip st to scrap yarn.

Back no.2: Slip remaining 12 (12) 14 (15) 16 st from back onto needle and knit as for Back No. 1 until piece measures 10 (11) 12 (12) 13 cm/ 4 (4,3) 4,7 (4,7) 5”  ending with a WS row.
Next row: knit 5 (5) 6 (6) 7 st, bind off until end of round. Slip st to scrap yarn.

Knit in flat garter st pattern until piece measures 10 (11) 12 (12) 13 cm/  4 (4,3) 4,7 (4,7) 5” from beginning of armhole, slipping the first stitch at the beginning of each row. End with a WS row.
Next row: Knit 5 (5) 6 (6) 7 st, bind off until 5 (5) 6 (6) 7 st remain, knit remaining stitches.

Join shoulders by using the three-needles bind off. Tutorial found here:

Button holes: Use the crochet loop button method. Sew on buttons.

New and old

I'm doing things that a respectable blogger would never do; I'm changing my blogname too often and without any warnings; in my blogging 'career' I've gone from 'idathue.blogspot' to 'farwestlogbook' to 'farwestlogbook.blogspot' to now 'fareastlogbook'. On top of that I'm an inconsistent blogger with far and few between blogpost. 
I don't really care though, this blogging thing is a picture diary for those interested in following along but mostly, it's for me.
So, fareastlogbook it is. It seemed appropriate since I'm now living in the eastern part of Danmark. 
On another note, the knitting goodness on the second picture is calling me, it's Hawser from the new BTFall14 collection, it's gorgeous and a real pleasure to knit. 

August 30 2014

I got a message this Spring from one of my old friends from Elementary School. She asked if it'd be interested in taking pictures for her wedding later in the summer. I said yes and then spent the better part of the coming months getting goose bump, a healthy mix of excitement and fear, just thinking about. 
As it turned out; it went fine and was really enjoyable. I brought my mom and her camera along as a 'if-everything-goes-wrong-and-my-camera-dies-or-deletes-everything-on-my-memorycard'- precaution  - and also because she's pretty awesome at taking pictures.
Also, this was the first wedding I've ever been too so being able to see the whole thing 'live' was so much fun.

Tillykke, Lise og Jonas!

Strawberry picking

June was internship, sunshine, exhaustion, exam, Tenerife, new Summer job, tons of ice cream and strawberry picking. My summer holiday started last week and it makes me want to jump for joy like that crazy guy in the top picture. 

On my needles

I've been cleaning out my current project pile these last couple of months. Finishing up some knits, casting on for a couple of new ones and procrastinating on the rest. I'm probably going to rip a couple of them including Wellwood which have been in the making for more than a year and which I've completely lost interest in. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

3 sweaters...

...that I'd love to knit.
Brooklyn Tweed released Wool People 7 earlier this week. 11 sweaters and 4 scarfs all inspired by Japanese knitting books. I'm itching to cast on for arabella, coda and natsumi although it really wouldn't be a wise thing to do, considering how many unfinished knits I have in my pile. Patience.
You can see the rest of the collection here.

*all pictures are from Brooklyn Tweed.

3 projects. 4 months.

Let's pretend it hasn't been almost 4 months since I posted anything on here and just move on to the knitting, yes?!
These are some of my current projects.
I finished the ipad cover in the midst of studying for my exam last week. It was my companion when I needed a break and nice to have on hand while watching just a little bit more of 'Call the Midwife'.

The sweater is almost done, just need to weave in the ends. I used the Light Sweater pattern from pickles as inspiration since I wanted it bigger and with full length arms. It's big and warm and fuzzy - and not really appropriate for this lovely Spring weather we're enjoying at moment. But it'll be perfect when Fall rolls around.

I started the Top Tee last year but never finished because I wasn't sure about my color choice. Still not sure but its (colorful) presence in my unfinished pile of knitwear was starting to bug me so now it's back on my needles. Here's hoping that I'll fall in love with the colors once it's finished.