August 30 2014

I got a message this Spring from one of my old friends from Elementary School. She asked if it'd be interested in taking pictures for her wedding later in the summer. I said yes and then spent the better part of the coming months getting goose bump, a healthy mix of excitement and fear, just thinking about. 
As it turned out; it went fine and was really enjoyable. I brought my mom and her camera along as a 'if-everything-goes-wrong-and-my-camera-dies-or-deletes-everything-on-my-memorycard'- precaution  - and also because she's pretty awesome at taking pictures.
Also, this was the first wedding I've ever been too so being able to see the whole thing 'live' was so much fun.

Tillykke, Lise og Jonas!


  1. Hvor er de blevet flotte.
    Dejligt endelig at se nogle billeder fra brylluppet og gl├Žder mig til at se resten.