New and old

I'm doing things that a respectable blogger would never do; I'm changing my blogname too often and without any warnings; in my blogging 'career' I've gone from 'idathue.blogspot' to 'farwestlogbook' to 'farwestlogbook.blogspot' to now 'fareastlogbook'. On top of that I'm an inconsistent blogger with far and few between blogpost. 
I don't really care though, this blogging thing is a picture diary for those interested in following along but mostly, it's for me.
So, fareastlogbook it is. It seemed appropriate since I'm now living in the eastern part of Danmark. 
On another note, the knitting goodness on the second picture is calling me, it's Hawser from the new BTFall14 collection, it's gorgeous and a real pleasure to knit. 


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