3 projects. 4 months.

Let's pretend it hasn't been almost 4 months since I posted anything on here and just move on to the knitting, yes?!
These are some of my current projects.
I finished the ipad cover in the midst of studying for my exam last week. It was my companion when I needed a break and nice to have on hand while watching just a little bit more of 'Call the Midwife'.

The sweater is almost done, just need to weave in the ends. I used the Light Sweater pattern from pickles as inspiration since I wanted it bigger and with full length arms. It's big and warm and fuzzy - and not really appropriate for this lovely Spring weather we're enjoying at moment. But it'll be perfect when Fall rolls around.

I started the Top Tee last year but never finished because I wasn't sure about my color choice. Still not sure but its (colorful) presence in my unfinished pile of knitwear was starting to bug me so now it's back on my needles. Here's hoping that I'll fall in love with the colors once it's finished.


  1. oh i'm in love with the yarn you choose!! it's perfect!!

  2. hi good to have you back.
    i loved that ipad cover. and i think the sweater will turn out perfectly well.

  3. i will pretend, since i always get to see you on instagram too!