Hooray for Monday

Double exposures of San Francisco and Denmark.

To celebrate the beginning of a new week, here's what I'm looking forward to in the coming days.

//Lots of sleep. I'm always having the hardest time getting over my jetlag when flying from the US to Denmark.

//Perhaps a birth or two? Keeping my fingers crossed!

//Making chocolate chip cookies for my roommate and I. I brought home a bag of chocolate chips from the US...mmm.

Wishing you a sunny week!


  1. love your double exposures, the concept, and the meaning and symbolism I read there. I have the most awful jetlag both ways - it is said that fresh air and plenty of sunshine helps, hmm, not easy to find that in winter! hope you had a beautiful time in the US, and are *happy* to be back, and working on your course.

  2. A birth or two... you are so lucky to be part of this wonderful moment.
    I will never forget my midwife, she has been wonderful and so supportive during the most extroardinary moment of our lives.

  3. starting a new week with some positive wishings - good way! have a nice day, too.