General Store

General Store in Outer Sunset, San Francisco.

I thought it'd be appropriate to share just a couple more of my favorite shops in San Francisco this week since I'm in California at the moment. So here we go...

General Store is, yet another, one of the stores that carry a little bit of everything. And a whole lot of stuff-that-it-would-like-for-myself-please. I mean, just look at those hats!
It's located at the very last stop of the N-Judah muni train and with Ocean Beach as it's next door neighbor.

General Store
4035 Judah St,
San Francisco


  1. oh wow, I have to put this one on the list. I will be in San Francisco in April, the first time. I am very excited

  2. These are lovely photos, Ida! Looks like the type of store I would love to visit too.
    Ronnie xo