Hooray for Monday

//Enjoying the everyday with my amazing roommate. I'll move out of this room March 1 and into Huset ( a house close to the hospital).* It'll shorten my commute by 90 minutes but I'll miss being here. Hopefully I can move back to Copenhagen in April and May. Anyone out the who's looking for a roommate in Copenhagen for those two months?

//Spending time with my class mates/fellow interns at Huset.

//Train rides with music in my ears and knitting in my hands.

*Confusing I know. I really should write a post explaining all this moving that I do.


  1. I hope that your move goes smoothly. These double exposure shots are so fun to see. I also love the hats that you knitted for wool aid.

  2. so many moves in such a short time!

  3. I think the red photo is just perfect. I would hang that up in my room and likely stare at it transfixed. It's old looking in such an enchanting way. I think you have such a nice perspective that you pass on through your blog and your photographs. Your blog shows a world I want to live in and am glad that I do. Thank you for being so dedicated to this blog over the years. I know it's ultimately for you, but it's so nice that despite many changes in my life (almost all good, thankfully!) over the last 2 years, I've always been able to come back to your blog and be enchanted. - Olivia