12 on a Sunday

 Christianshavn on a grey day.

My Italian 'brother', Guido, is waiting for his son to be born next month. I'm knitting this cardigan for little Alesandro.

Leisurely talks with a friend on a cafe close to Strøget.


Obsessed with knitting these hats.


Tea, grapefruit and knœkbrød with cheese.

I love this picture of my mormor, it looks like her. She's usually impossible to photograph because she never really relaxes in front of the camera, but this time 'I got her!'. 

House facades.

I was in California when they had lessons in giving injections at the hospital. Luckily my roommate is a midwife and she used her morning teaching one of my fellow students and I how to do it; first on a grapefruit, then on her thighs. She's a brave lady!

Golden afternoon light.


  1. I love your grandmother's expression! :)

  2. I love every single one of these photos, Ida. I once was the first person a training nurse drew blood from - I wasn't thrilled, to be honest, and considered asking to have another nurse, but then I saw that her hands were shaking, and I willingly sat down, let her test her skills on my arm, and even congratulated with her at the end! There's always a frist time, in all the things we learn :)