12 on a Tuesday

1: A sign and flowers in Roskilde.

2: A wonderful package that I received from one of my San Franciscan babysitting families.
3: Knitting for a babygirl. I had to rip it 3 times before I got it right. Luckily I love the pattern.

4: Nyhavn in Copenhagen

5: My mom gave me this embroidered picture of Mr. Sailor. I love it.
6: View of Christiansborg, Copenhagen. 

7: Tivoli.

8: An entrance somewhere in Copenhagen.

9+10: Kødbyen, Copenhagen.

11: I really like this sign and font.

12: Tulips in Tivoli.

I'm having my final oral exam for this school year tomorrow. Then; summer holiday!


  1. hope your exam was good. happy summer holidays!!!

  2. I hope you exam went well :)
    happy summer holidays <3

  3. a camilla sweater! i have that on my list too, let me know how you like knitting it!
    happy summer holidays!

  4. I hope your exam went well! I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your summer holiday adventures! :)