Vacation time

I'm almost one week into my School Summer Holiday. It's such a welcome feeling knowing that for the next 8 weeks I don't have to study - and, more importantly, I don't have to feel guilty about not studying! I started my summer job yesterday. My family and I are flying down to Italy on Saturday, then I'm going back to work, the Washington D.C. and New York, then work, then Budapest, work and then school. As you can read; I've got so many things to look forward too.


  1. Sounds like a perfect, dreamy summer! So jealous ;-) Have fun! xoxo

  2. Enjoy the summer! Here it will be a similar schedule of alternating work and play, and I'm looking forward to it as well :)

    1. How wonderful! I hope you'll enjoy your summer as well.

  3. wow... seems like dream to me.
    have a great time... take lots of photos and share with us...