12 on a Wednesday

1: Knitting this vest for a babyboy.

2: Dinner at my parents.

3+4: I visited Brandts Klœdefabrik in Odense this weekend. 

 5: I've been sleeping in on the regular these last weeks. Oh, the sweet life of a student!

6: The view from Vor Frelser Kirke. The view was amazing as you can see, I'd highly recommend going if you're in Copenhagen.

7: Lately I've been overwhelmed by the beauty of Denmark. The light! I've never been anywhere in the world that beats this soft and golden evening light.

8: The blue hour.9: Knitting while on the road.
10+11: Lilacs and green, green, green.

12: 12.26 am. Unedited. See what I mean!? It can be magical here this time of year.


  1. the last pic is like a painting... wonderful!
    Dear Ida, you're right... just a beautiful light this time in Denmark!

    Best, Ariane.

  2. hi... good to have you back on blogging.
    Denmark seems wonderful place to visit; I don't know when I will go there but for the time being I am enjoying it through your photos. :)

  3. i've missed your posts with more photos <3

    these ones are lovely!