It's Friday

These pictures are a couple of weeks old. Farmor celebrated her birthday and invited us for dinner and ice cream. She's getting older, though she's refusing to tell us exactly how old.
I love that top photo of my dad. He's laughing at a silly joke that he just made up. He'll come up with these random jokes that really aren't that funny but he'll laugh so hard that in the end we'll all laugh with him.
I've still got a couple of weeks left of school, we're working on a small project which we then have to defend in an oral exam. Looking forward to it's all over, I'm not good with oral exams. Good thing I have trips planned to Italy, Budapest and Washington DC/New York to look forward to.

I'm obsessed with instagram as of late which explains why I haven't spent a whole lot of time on blogging these last months. My username is idafwl if you'd like to follow along. Or you can see more here.


  1. nice family photos!
    i always preferred oral exams to written ones, because it's always possible to take the conversation to a better known topic! :) hope it went well!