Hooray for Monday

To celebrate the beginning of a brand new week, here’s what I’m looking looking forward to in the coming days.

//Fairly short days at school (everyone is slowly getting geared up for the exam next week).

//Making this salad.

//Painting my toenails! Grey, I think?

//The last days of early morning light. Got to enjoy it while I can.

Have a great week!

The pictures from top to bottom:
1: I started, and finished, 3 of those x-small hats. Still got a couple to go.
2: Hanging plant. Here's a tutorial.
3: The light Summer sweater is done.


  1. Love your last knitting proyects!
    And that hanging plant, so beautiful!
    enjoy the week and show us your grey nails!!!

    1. Oh yes; must remember to take pictures of those nails ;-)

  2. Great with at positive attitude - even on a monday. Gotta enjoy the small things at this time of year!

  3. I am loving the simplicity of your site.
    Its nice to find something relaxing every once in a while instead of overwhelming!

    Stop by and say hi.