I left my heart in San Francisco //01

On the corner of Vallejo & Montgomery

Around North Beach

Pretty in Pink

Humphrey Slocombe Beet Icecream

Filbert Steps

Telegraph Hill

Potrero Hill

As the rain persists and it gets darker and colder here in Denmark, I find myself longing for San Francisco. I'm struggling with finding a new normal as things slow down and everyday life suddenly is here. It feels so trivial after the whirlwind it has been to start a brand new education and moving halfway across the world. I've always been restless though I like to think of myself as a dreamer. It sounds better. 
So excuse me while I drift off to dreams of hilly streets, killer views, tacos and lovely crazy San Franciscans.


  1. keep dreaming, girlie. our daily affairs can also be a dream :)


  2. It's a big, huge change, Ida. be patient. And it's also a luxury of sort: to have found exactly what you want to do in life as a profession, and to be able to take the years to study it, IS a dream. Hope you settle in your new life as a student in Denmark very soon. Hugs.

  3. Det kan jeg forstå, selv om jeg er glad for at du er hjemme i Danmark igen.