Hooray for Monday

To celebrate the beginning of a brand new week, here’s what I’m looking looking forward to in the coming days.

//Browsing ravelry for hat patterns in size x-small.

//Free bowling for students. Fingers crossed for at least one strike.

//No plans for the weekend. 

//Finishing South of the border, West of the sun by Haruki Murakami. It's lovely so far.

Wishing you a fabulous week!


  1. Det er så rart, med de her "lyspunkter" for hver uge, jeg glæder mig altid til at læse med. Og fine billeder som altid...

  2. love murakami! haven't read that one, yet.
    i am really hoping i can have a plans free weekend, too. fingers crossed.

  3. hi... that bulletin board and china cup looks really lovely. novel from Haruki Murakami sounds interesting. currently i am reading jack reacher. :-)
    have a great week ahead...

  4. I read South of the border, West of the sun and loved it too.
    This set of photos is beautiful and so eclectic.