Aroma Tea Shop

I'm a tea drinker. Occasionally I'll have a latte but only if it's made at a cafe, preferably here or here.
Now tea on the other hand; I drink at least one pot a day. Often more. I prefer the herbal kind but I also love a good spicy chai latte now and then.
The teas on the pictures above are my favourites from a lovely store in San Francisco called Aroma Tea Shop. They have a huge selection of teas and knowledgeable staff who'll give you plenty of information on how to properly steep and store tea as well as samples to try.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my current tea collection will last until my next San Francisco visit.

Random fact: I used to drink tea with milk and sugar as a kid. I then 'graduated' to just tea with milk and now I prefer it plain.
When did you start drinking coffee and/or tea?

Aroma Tea Shop
302 6th Ave
San Francisco


  1. Same here, I'm a true tea girl! My grandmother made me taste rosehip tea when I was little, but I didn't like it back then. It's only since my high school years that I started to become a tea fanatic. I'm drinking a cup of rooibos tea right now, while reading your post! :)

  2. That coconut tea looks delicious! I'm not sure I've ever had any tea flavored with coconut.
    I drink my black tea with lemon juice, but all other teas without anything else.

  3. Next time you're in San Francisco check out DAVIDsTEA, they're an amazing Canadian company which is just starting to open some stores in the states.

    They've turned me into a crazy tea addict, I always have about 40 different teas hanging around in my cupboard from there.

  4. I'm a coffee drinker, I drink tea (herbal) only in winter, to keep warm, really.

  5. favs of mine are.. Green gun powder, milk oolong, pu-erh
    white teas are tasty as well and very natural to the tongue .)
    sometimes with a friend, we drink black tea with a drop of milk, all in english style..