A video podcast about knitting

Just popping in here to share with you to share my very first knitting podcast (click here) with you guys. I talk about yarn, my works in progress and my finished objects. It was equally terrifying and fun to make and I hope you'll enjoy it - and if you have an idea for a name for it, please let me know ;)

Notes from the show

Works in progress:

Baby sweater - my own design

Bellows Cardigan by Michele Wang

Vertices Unite by Stephen West

Finished Objects:

Baby Top - own design

Nurmilintu Shawl by Heidi Alander

Swedish Spring Shawl by Maria Montzka


Madelinetosh Sock in the Aura colorway

Malabrigo Lace in the Neutral colorway

100% Alpaka from g-uld dyed with heathers and indigo.

EngleUld from Tusindfryd in colorway 32/35518


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