How to make Double Exposures on film

A little Double Exposure DIY for you guys. 

You'll need an analog camera, film and tape or a marker/pen.

1: Load film and make sure that the filmstrip is secured in the feeder. Find a place on the camera and mark it. I used red tape for this.

2: Mark the film so it matches the mark on the camera. Note: you'll need these two markers to match when you reload the film for the second round of picture taking.

3: Shoot the film roll.

4: Once you've finished the roll. Rewind the film but not all the way. Make sure there’s a little strip left.

Now comes the fun part. Reload the film (basically you just follow steps 1- 3 again) - make sure you align the markers on film and camera perfectly. Once you've finished shooting the roll the second time around, rewind it all the way, develop and enjoy your double exposures.

Note: Even though I do my best to match the markers on film and camera, my double exposures never come out perfectly aligned. This is easily fixed with a little bit of cropping.

More double exposures here


  1. Dear Ida,

    I've just discovered your lovely blog this morning, and I love every single piece of it: from your knitting, to your beautiful pictures, your adventures in SF and of course Denmark <3


    1. Dear Melody,
      I'm so glad you like it here! Welcome ;-)

  2. Det er vildt cool!

  3. Beautiful! That top one is stunning.

  4. what a wonderful place here
    beautiful photos at all
    calm and inspiring

    1. You always keep the Asa of the film in the two shootings? sometimes i reduce the sensibility ,for example:if the film is 400 asa i use it twice at 200 asa,sometimes i notice a difference and sometimes no :/ weird!

      i´m gping to do a little film swap with a friend and i bet it will be fun :)

    2. Yes, I just follow the recommended asa. The results have always been good that way so frankly I've never thought of changing it. But your way sounds pretty logical too, maybe I'll try that next time :-)
      Oh, good luck on your film swap! Would love to do that too one day.

  5. hi! the first one is lovely!
    i usually shoot double exposures with the diana f+, cause it's easier. never tried with a normal camera... maybe now i will. thanks for sharing! ♥

  6. what I like about this, is that you never know what you've double exposed until you have the photos printed!